I like to help people innovate.  The following are examples of such endeavors.

  • Form a “grassroots” coalition to Improve governmental service (nationwide, from all levels of government) for the American public.

  • Preserve 7 kilometers of Pacific coastline.

  • Lead a $1 billion hi-tech business unit.  Meet profitability goals.

  • Save $100 million per year for a $6 billion company.  Increase productivity, innovation, and teamwork.

  • Pioneer 3 information technologies.  Develop business, engineering, and scientific software.

  • Establish 3 information-technology marketplace business practices.

  • Add value to the roles of the co-CIO (chief information officer) for the Executive Branch of the United States federal government and of the CIO for the U.S. General Services Administration.

  • Establish a “grassroots” line-of-business for a United States political party’s National Committee.

  • Pioneer a new international Rotary program.

  • Author the book “Information Proficiency: Your Key to the Information Age.”

  • Develop GIST (Gain Impact. Save Time.) “thinking tools.”

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One Response to “Innovate”

  1. Chris Heuer Says:

    Great first post Tom – sets a nice tone for future direction and making visible your interests.


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