A new 3 R’s – Or, “Relevance, Rigor, and Relationships”

During a February 2007 television interview, Dr. Colleen Wilcox ( http://www.sccoe.k12.ca.us/supandboard/supbio/ ), County Superintendent of Schools for Santa Clara County, indicated that, while schools test students for skills in the traditional 3 R’s – reading, writing, and arithmetic – an important new 3 R’s should be …

·         Relevance.

·         Rigor.

·         Relationships.

One might want to consider the implications of educating students for these 3 R’s.  For example, to what extent would learning and testing differ from today’s practices?

I learned of these new 3 R’s by co-hosting a television program, Issues Today, that “airs” on community-access cable in San Jose and Campbell, two cities here in Silicon Valley. 

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