Citizens Improve Pre-college Education throughout Pakistan

By interviewing Lt. Gen. (retired) Syed Parwez Shahid and Mr. Amjad Noorani, I learned of The Citizens Foundation ( and its successes throughout Pakistan at building and running (so far) 300 schools (elementary schools and high schools) serving 40,000 students.  Later, I had dinner with SP, Amjad, and Farrukh Shah Khan (who brought SP and Amjad on the television program Issues Today and co-hosted that show;

SP leads The Citizens Foundation (a non-governmental initiative sponsored by donations) and discussed continual attempts to improve learning, enhance learning-supporting activities, and increase the number of students educated.  TCF is, for example, decreasing its use of end-of-the-year testing in elementary schools.  SP also wants to develop an international community to share and create successful approaches to education.  He also seeks opportunities to send some TCF staff to training programs.  (He came to the U.S. to attend a 2-week program at Stanford University for leaders of not-for-profits –

While I have not verified first-hand the successes, the story seems compelling; the people I met seem capable and committed; and I recommend people look into TCF, the potential international group of educators, and TCF’s American support group (

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