For What is a CIO Needed?

In a recent e-WEEK column entitled “Who Needs a CIO” (See reference [1] below.), Eric Lundquist discusses the roles of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and cites a Chris Anderson blog (See reference [2] below.) with a similar title.

Permit me to suggest that people tend to misunderstand and underestimate the potential value CIOs can bring to or catalyze for organizations.  For example, while serving in a CIO-led organization, I led a program that catalyzed $100 million in recurring annual cost savings throughout a $6 billion enterprise.  Champions throughout the company identified work-improvement opportunities.  The small group I led develop principles for the program, provided technology, and helped foster the innovation, teamwork, and sharing that characterized this grassroots program.

Permit me also to suggest 6 types of organizational needs (Outcomes through Infrastructure) and, for each, 4 ways that a CIO or CIO-led community can contribute.  See “Evaluating the CIO.” (See reference [3] below.)  I believe that, with a roadmap such as suggested in that article, CIOs and their enterprise colleagues can generate more and better results for their enterprise, its customers, its suppliers, and themselves. 



[3] The Role of the CIO 

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One Response to “For What is a CIO Needed?”

  1. Lui Sieh Says:


    I came across youe blog and posting about the CIO role through the WordPress blogosphere. The references are excellent and thought provoking. There’s recently been quite some activity on this topic but it seems to be a common recurring theme with no clear cut position. Unlike some of the other C-level roles, the CIO is very chameleon-like!


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