The GIST of Relationships and Communication – for Six Sigma Projects

Optimize relationships and communication between project constituents (including external and internal customers).

For example, at project-management steps throughout a Six Sigma DMAIC project, use GIST thinking tools to develop and communicate incisive agreements regarding “who, what, why, when, how” between the project team and its clients.


1.   Review an introduction to GIST.  Read pages 7-9, 11, and 15 in the book GIST: Gain Impact. Save Time. (See reference [1] below.)

2.   Review GIST’s Select Relation tool.  Read pages 32-33.

Do the following. 

1.   List the project’s key constituents.

2.   For each relevant pair of constituents, characterize actual, likely, or optimal relationships between the two constituents.  Use the Select Relation template.  (See Figure 24, page 32.)  Complete the sentences suggested by the template.  Consider applying other GIST tools to help complete the sentences.  (See Figure 25, page 33.) 

3.   Use the characterizations to pinpoint and fulfill needs for communication and to achieve effective relationships.

This technique was developed by Thomas. J. Buckholtz. (See reference [2] below.)

[1] Buckholtz, Thomas J., GIST: Gain Impact. Save Time., 2006.  Available as an e-book via Tom’s books .  GIST provides a systems-thinking tool set for pinpointing, communicating, and achieving pivotal “who, what, why, when, how, …” for outcomes, products, services, organizations, teams, relationships, and communication.

[2] Thomas J. Buckholtz – E-mail: .  Telephone: 1 650.854.7552.  Website .


Click for information about Thomas J. Buckholtz or his books.


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