The GIST of Products and Services and Six Sigma Y-Measures and X-Factors

Identify, measure, analyze, and optimize “Key Factors” – Y-measures, products and services (that the Six Sigma project can create or improve), and X-factors.

The following applications provide 3 DMAIC examples.

A.  Identify results (Y measures) customers may need to improve.  For instance, during DEFINE, determine pivotal Y’s in more of 6 “service” categories than people might otherwise consider.

B.  Create concepts for product-features and services.  For instance, during DEFINE, envision features or services that would provide essential support to customers or that would foster desirable customer behavior.

C.  Create measures (X-factors).  For instance, during MEASURE, determine pivotal X-factors in more “service” categories than people might otherwise consider. 


1.  Review an introduction to GIST.  Read pages 7-9, 11, and 15 in the book GIST: Gain Impact. Save Time. (See reference {1] below. )

2.  Review GIST’s Select Service tool.  Read pages 22-23.

Do the following.

Follow the “Do the following” process discussed in “The GIST of Identifying Potential Causes (X-Factors).” (See reference [2] below.)  At step 1, consider including “clients of customers” in the list of “customers.”

This technique was developed by Thomas. J. Buckholtz. (See reference [3] below.)

[1] Buckholtz, Thomas J., GIST: Gain Impact. Save Time., 2006.  Available as an e-book via Tom’s books .  GIST provides a systems-thinking tool set for pinpointing, communicating, and achieving pivotal “who, what, why, when, how, …” for outcomes, products, services, organizations, teams, relationships, and communication.

[2] .

[3] Thomas J. Buckholtz – E-mail: .  Telephone: 1 650.854.7552.  Website .


Click for information about Thomas J. Buckholtz or his books.


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