Attended “Starting the Conversation”

     The Social Media Club’s [1] “Starting the Conversation” [2] program of June 11 proved to be perhaps the best “[anything] and information technology” program I have attended.  Many of the attendees work in “public relations” – for companies that need such or for consulting firms that help with such.  These people seemed quite engaged in and satisfied with the program.


     The presentations and discussion were well-balanced and broad-based regarding implications for business and society.  Discussion of currently popular Internet-mediated services did not get diverted into “how to cope with specific technologies.”

     The quality of sessions was uniformly high, thanks to presentations by Shel Israel (The View at 30,000 Feet), Chris Heuer (Listen. Join. Start. The Social Media Playbook), Jeremiah Owyang (The Tools of Social Media), Giovanni Rodriguez (The Resocialization of the Enterprise), Deborah Schultz (Lessons Learned), and Brian Solis (The Future of Communications).

     At least 2 of the presenters used the term “community manager.”  I suggested moving beyond “manager” to something else, perhaps “catalyst.”  Ensuing dialog indicated people appreciated the suggestion.

     Chris indicated plans to provide similar programs in perhaps a half-dozen cities this fall.





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