Scheduled to teach “Incisive Leadership and Innovation”

     The University of California Santa Cruz has scheduled me to teach Incisive Leadership and Innovation [1] at Moffett Field during September and October 2007.

     The course description is as follows:

In this course, you will acquire tools to lead, innovate, and manage in enterprises that develop, sell or use technology or knowledge services. Use the tools to pinpoint, communicate, and achieve solutions to fundamental questions, including these: What do we need to do? How well should we do it? Who best should do it? and What impact will it have? This course includes success stories, perspectives, and tools. Participants apply the perspectives and tools during and between sessions to improve their own effectiveness. The tools are systematic and rigorous, but qualitative. This course can be pivotal for any professional: individual contributor, team leader, supervisor, innovation advocate, executive, or entrepreneur.

     The course counts for credit toward a certificate in UCSC’s Knowledge Services and Enterprise Management program.  Previously, I led a class session for Pat Mantey’s KSEM seminar course.  I thank Pat for that opportunity and for taking the initiative to establish the now-scheduled course (number 20753).

[1] Information about the course .

Click for information about Thomas J. Buckholtz.


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