Learn from leadership talks by Stanford GSB faculty

     I attended 2 presentations by faculty of the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

     On January 23, 2007, David Bradford presented “Personal Power and Influence.”  One highlight of this compelling session featured a discussion of 5 bases of interpersonal power.  (The slide below parallels a slide from this part of his presentation.)

     On June 20, Charles O’Reilly discussed “Leadership Challenges: Managing Difficult Conversations.”  Highlights included studies of 2 leaders and, for each, one personnel-related challenge.  Each study included 3 video segments from an interview with the leader.  Presentation attendees readily engaged in perceptive discussion between segments.  Evidently, Stanford’s Center for Leadership Development and Research [1] plans to make available at least 40 of these exercises via the Internet.  recommend people benefit from them.

     I much appreciate Linda Parker Pennington’s inviting me to these presentations.


     I derived benefit during and after the sessions.  For example, I used the slide shown below in a “High-Tech Management and Leadership – Hands-on Perspective and Tools You Can Use” presentation I gave on February 8 for the  ISM 280S seminar course in the University of California, Santa Cruz program Knowledge Services and Enterprise Management.


[1] http://www.gsb.stanford.edu/cldr/


Five Bases of Interpersonal Power


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