Learn about the essence of Web 2.0


     At the July 11, 2007, meeting of the Innovation Society [1], Vitaly Golumb [2] discussed his view of the essence of Web 2.0.  To paraphrase a key statement, Web 2.0 features “genuine interactivity” between a “user” and a provider or other user.


     He also provided a multi-millennia roadmap for introduction of new forms of interactivity between people.  I noticed parallels between that roadmap and my “roadmap for the electro-mechanical Information Age,” which focuses on the deployment of widely applicable technologies and features 6 eras.  In my roadmap, the Infrastructure Era began in the 1840s with telegraphy.  The Transactions Era began in 1890 with the automated processing of punch-card based data for that year’s United States census.  The Information Era may yet to have begun.  These Eras represent an application of Direct Outcomes’s Achieve Progress technique.

[1] Silicon Valley Innovation Institute – www.svii.org

[2] Vitaly Golumb, President, SputnikSF – www.sputniksf.com

[3] See “Innovate Incisively” – http://thomasjbuckholtzcom.wordpress.com/books/

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