Spoke at reception regarding Santa Clara University’s Solar Decathlon project

     On the July 24, 2007, the VC ~ Private Equity Roundtable and Santa Clara University hosted a reception.  Guests included participants in and supporters of the University’s Solar Decathlon project, which is building a solar powered house for display on the National Mall in Washington, DC, during part of October.  The project is an entry in the United States Department of Energy’s 2007 Solar Decathlon competition.

     I spoke after University President Father Paul Locatelli (introduced by Lucia Gilbert) and project manager James Bickford.  Bill Cooper (from a solar-powered winery and introduced by Len Duncan) spoke after me.

     I discussed briefly thoughts about the project, in terms of globalization and “localization.”  When I had helped interview project participants for two half-hour Issues Today television programs (see a previous blog), I learned that much of advanced technology for this house comes from local (Silicon Valley) companies.  After the TV shows, I became more aware of restaurants’ and grocery stores’ featuring locally produced food – with related themes of freshness and possible contained use of energy (for example, energy for transportation of food).  I, in effect, invited people to think of much globalization as being based on local initiative and to consider activities as representing both globalization and localization (or whatever such might eventually be called).


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