Attended California Clean Tech Open event

    On July 27, I attended the California Clean Tech Open event entitled Green Building Innovators Symposium.  The event was hosted by and at Google.

     Professor John Kunz of Stanford University [1] provided an especially informative presentation.  Both he and Sean Culman [2] discussed needs related to coalition- or team-building.

     Two organizations with which I had prior interaction provided displays.

     Loel McPhee had been a guest on Issues Today, a television program I co-host.  She represented Andiron Technologies [3] and its Ecofire products.  One uses the products in home fireplaces to increase the heat delivered into rooms, while minimizing production of some unwanted combustion products.  Evidently, many more units have been sold (than when Loel appeared on Issues Today) and the company is surmounting some of the difficulties it had had based on lack of governmental agencies’ having charters allowing them to approve the technology.

     Jim Caldwell provided a display regarding E3 Regenesis Solutions [4].  I had suggested concepts to sharpen this company’s value proposition and marketing.

     John Kunz, during his remarks, noted that the United States General Services Administration [5] is leading the nation regarding green building.  In his and my brief discussion after his remarks, I indicated that GSA had had, around the time that I served as a GSA Commissioner, a leading influence regarding the combined practice of knowledge usage, services, and management; computing; and telecommunications.







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