Government Technology Continues to Champion Service to the Citizen

     On September 12, 2007, I received an e-mail with a headline banner stating “Government Technology’s Service to the Citizen – Technology Enabled Transparency, Service, and Simplicity.”  I am reminded of 2 developments.

     First, starting in late 1989 and continuing through early 1993, I led the team that started the United States toward paying more attention to improving governmental service to the public.  I served as the commissioner for the United States General Services Administration’s Information Resources Management Service.  Frank McDonough led the unit that handled our responsibilities as co-chief information officer (co-CIO) for the Executive Branch of the U.S. federal government.  In late 1989 he proposed that the community of federal CIOs catalyze progress toward better governmental service to the public.  In 3 years, we catalyzed a nationwide grassroots movement of academic, news-media, private-sector, and public-sector individuals and organizations. [1]  By now, results have included “e-government” in general and also “one-stop permitting” for construction permits.  One of the news-media participants, Government Technology [2], sponsored national and regional conferences on the topic and is, evidently, still an active champion.

     Second, based in part on his learning about (during a brief presentation I gave at a 2000 or 2001 conference sponsored by Government Technology) one of my Direct Outcomes achievement tools [3], Wayne Hanson, then leader of Government Technology, changed the magazine’s business strategy.  I am pleased to continue to use a statement to this effect that Wayne provided me.

 [1]  Frank A. McDonough, and Thomas J. Buckholtz, “Providing Better Service to Citizens with Information Technology,” Journal of Systems Management, April 1992



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