Interviewed Authors Lynda Bulla and Maria Pacheco

     On September 11, 2007, I helped interview Lynda Bulla [1] and Maria Pacheco [2], authors of books for children and the adults in children’s lives.

     I found their goals and stories to be compelling.  Lynda wants to spur more dialog between kids and parents.  She hopes her books help children start on good paths for their lives.  Maria emphasizes helping “at-risk” children and the people around them.

     Permit me to recommend that people learn more about their books and their speaking.  Between them, they have produced approximately 6 books, with more anticipated.  Beyond just the stories, writing, and illustrations [3], for example, Maria has developed an innovative format in which English text appears near the top of a page and the corresponding Spanish text appears under the page’s illustration.  People can help each other or themselves learn either or both languages.


     Lynda and Maria were the guests for the Issues Today television program [4] scheduled to play in San Jose and Campbell (two cities in Silicon Valley, in California) at 7:30 P.M. on Wednesday, September 19, on Comcast cable Community Channel 15.  Frank Jewett founded the show in approximately 1995.  I much appreciate his recruiting Lynda and Maria as guests.  He and I interviewed them.  I have been Frank’s main co-host since approximately April 2001.



[3] Ernie (Hergie) Hergenroeder illustrates the books of both authors.

[4] See “Pages – TV Program” at

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