Attended book signing by Barry Minkin


     On September 28, 2007, I attended a presentation and book signing featuring futurist and author Barry Minkin and his new book Ten Great Lies (that) Threaten Western Civilization.  The event was held in a Borders book store in San Jose, California.

     This book makes numerous thought-provoking points, although it may not be for the feint-hearted or the faint-hearted.

     The book improved on an early partial draft that I saw.  For example, based (as best I know) on my suggestion, Barry added an epilogue.  Thus, the published book discusses some of Barry’s thoughts about not only “what’s wrong” but also “what readers might want to do about what’s wrong.”  Perhaps the book now features two distinctly different interpretations of “lie,” namely … [1]

  1. “1. an intentionally false statement … 2. imposture; false belief.”

  2. the way or direction or position in which a thing exists or is situated; the position [of a golf ball when about to be struck].


[1] These interpretations respectively quote and paraphrase definitions found in The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English, Eighth Edition.


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