Completed teaching Incisive Leadership and Innovation class

During October 2007, I completed teaching a class titled Incisive Leadership and Innovation, via the University of California, Santa Cruz (in Silicon Valley, at Moffett Field). [1] [2]

I believe that students made progress in business, civic, academic, and personal endeavors based on learning and using Direct Outcomes systems-thinking tools. It was a pleasure to work with them, learn of progress they made, and gain suggestions from them.

I would like to thank the following people associated with UCSC for making this possible: Pat Mantey, Lucia MacLean, Vanessa Binder, Andy Hou, Jim Kostecka, Ethel Pacis, Connie Miley, and Lauren Masturi. Also, it was a pleasure to reconnect with Ram Akella and Subhas Desa, who along with Pat Mantey, teach in the Knowledge Services and Enterprise Management (KSEM) graduate-level certificate program, in which Incisive Leadership and Innovation class fits.

UCSC and I anticipate offering another class, Sales and Marketing for Technologists and Engineers, beginning late in March 2008. This class would have (as did Incisive Leadership and Innovation) as bases Direct Outcomes and my hands-on experience and perspective. Again, the required book would be Innovate Incisively: Gain Impact. Save Time. [3]




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