Congratulated Santa Clara University Solar Decathlon team members

On November 9, 2007, I had an opportunity to congratulate James Bickford and Yasemin Kimyacioglu, members of the Santa Clara University Solar Decathlon team that won third prize in an international competition sponsored by the United States Department of Energy. (See two previous “Santa Clara University” blogs for more information about the project and team, including the appearance of 6 team members on Issues Today, a television program I co-host.)

I learned that the team placed second in the category of “communication” and that the team implemented my suggestion to have a video display in the house so that visitors could learn more about the endeavor.

I had also suggested that the team consider emphasizing its use of “local content.” Evidently, it did such orally when conducting tours.

Again, I would like to thank Gloria Guenther and the Venture Capital ~ Private Equity Roundtable for the opportunities they created so that I could be involved regarding this endeavor.

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