Met Greg Mortenson at The Citizens Foundation event

On November 17, 2007, I attended a dinner sponsored by The Citizens Foundation – USA (TCF-USA). [1] The keynote speaker was Greg Mortenson [2], author of “Three Cups of Tea – One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace … One School at a Time” [3] and Executive Director of the Central Asia Institute [4].

Greg’s work and presentation proved compelling. I was fortunate to talk with him about information-technologists’ wanting to provide computers (but not necessarily with curriculum-oriented applications) for CAI schools (which are in Afghanistan and Pakistan), to suggest that he consider encouraging CAI-school graduates to form alumni associations, and to receive an autographed copy of “Three Cups of Tea.”

Regarding TCF [5], I am glad to have heard of progress regarding its building and operating schools and to observe that it working for mutual benefit with other organizations such as CAI.

Amjad Noorani (of TCF-USA) was a key organizer for this event. I would like to thank him for inviting me. And, I would like to thank Farrukh Shah Khan (of WBT-TV [6]) for previously providing the opportunity to interview (discussed in a previous blog) for television S.P. Shahid, CEO of TCF.







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