Interviewed for TV an “Awakening Social Responsibility” contributing author


On January 4, Frank Jewett and I interviewed Almaz Negash, a contributing author of “Awakening Social Responsibility: A Call to Action,” for an Issues Today TV program.

The book provides a “guidebook for global citizens who are interested in creating socially responsible programs … [beginning] within their own companies.”  During the program, Almaz provided examples of and advice for companies’ acting to make lasting social, economic, and environment impact.  For example, we discussed the roles of executive leadership and sponsorship and of grassroots initiative.

I recommend this book – both for its content and as a contrast to Robert Reich’s “Supercapitalism.”  (See my blog Recommend Robert Reich’s book Supercapitalism.)  One provider of “Awakening …” is

The primary authors of “Awakening …” are Rossella Derickson and Krista Henley, who have been guests on Issues Today.  Mitchell Levy, CEO of the publisher,, also has appeared on the show.  Almaz Negash is Managing Director, Women’s Initiative Silicon Valley, which assists high-potential low-income women who dream of business ownership.  It was a pleasure to help her discuss corporate social responsibility.

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