Attended SVII Innovation Society program on Corporate R&D Leadership

On January 9, 2008, I attended a presentation entitled “Corporate R&D Leadership, Perspectives from Peter E. Hart, Chairman, Founder and President of Ricoh Innovations, Inc.  The host organization was the SVII (Silicon Valley Innovation Institute) Innovation Society.

Peter provided an excellent presentation that included history regarding corporate research and development organizations, considerable perspective on 3 types – technology, marketplace, and corporate – of risk/reward, and a quick “reality check” regarding whether to start an R&D project.  The reality check features 3 questions: “What is your dream?”, “What would you do next Monday?”, and “Do you have what it takes to be successful?”.

I would like to thank Sue Lebeck for administering the Innovation Society and organizing the event.  Howard Lieberman founded SVII and adopted my suggestion to start a “professional society” or other community for innovators and innovation champions.  It was good to reconnect with David Stork, Chief Scientist, Ricoh Innovations.

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One Response to “Attended SVII Innovation Society program on Corporate R&D Leadership”

  1. daveshields Says:

    Jack Schwartz once remarked that work is a signed quanity.

    So too is leadership.

    For an example of bad leadership, see the recent actions by IBM CEO Sam Palmisano, which, by laying off one in ten IBM Research employees, have literally decimated one of our great national technological treasures.

    We will all pay the cost for decades.

    One in ten!

    What innovations will be delayed, or never found, because of this rash action.


    PS; Re LLNL, I once served Edward Teller dinner at the Caltech Athaneum. He ate alone, as anyone familiar with l’affair Oppenheimer will appreciate. Robert Christy, then Caltech provost, never spoke to Teller after he testified against Oppenheimer.


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