Served as panelist regarding interdisciplinary innovation

On January 17, 2008, SCEA (Silicon Valley Chinese Engineers Association) provided a program entitled “How interdisciplinary innovation helps startup?”

The panel moderator was Susan Lucas-Conwell, CEO, SDForum.  Panelists, other than me, were …

We discussed topics related to ‘the startup team,’ ‘money,’ ‘scalable ideas,’ and ‘sustaining innovation.’  For example, I reprised my involvement in helping pioneer automated document libraries (while working for a subsidiary of Teknekron) and the pivotal role of a multidisciplinary team that coordinated regarding marketing, working with the first customer, meeting customer needs, developing state-of-the-art hardware and software, and developing tools to develop software.  Part of those remarks extended a remark by Dan Rosenberg regarding ensuring appropriate ‘user experience.’  Regarding ‘sustaining innovation,’ I mentioned the desirability of steering organizations to have innovation cultures.  Jim Chapman supplemented my remarks regarding culture.

Audience members provided good questions.  My later discussion with individuals continued for much of an hour.

I would like to thank SCEA for including me in this panel.  Henry Chen had arranged for my participating on a panel at SCEA’s 2007 annual conference.  Wendy Liang played a key role in arranging this innovation panel, as did Susan Lucas-Conwell.

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