Attended SVII Innovation Society program by Nina Bhatti, HP Labs Principal Scientist


On March 5, 2008, the Silicon Valley Innovation Institute‘s Innovation Society hosted a talk, “Intrepreneurship at HP’s Mobile and Media Systems Lab,” presented by Dr. Nina Bhatti, Principal Scientist, HPLabs.

Nina’s presentation included a fascinating history, practical lessons-learned, and evident enthusiasm.  The audience asked numerous questions.  The talk lived up to the announcement.

Join us as our feature presenter, Nina Bhatti, shares her experiences as an innovator and an innovation leader within HPLabs.  An energetic scientist and intrepreneur, Nina’s research interests include web/multimedia server performance, networking and distributed systems, and mobile systems and technologies.   Nina and her mobile technologies team have developed some unusual applications — including a novel color-matching technology that turns any camera-equipped phone into a tool for retailers, healthcare providers, and beauty-product shoppers.

After the talk, I asked Nina if she would consider speaking for a class.  In particular, I may teach, in Fall 2008, a Leadership and Innovation class via the University of California, Santa Cruz.  (I taught Incisive Leadership and Innovation, during Fall 2007.)  I look forward to the possibilities for my teaching such a class and to the participants’ benefitting from Dr. Bhatti’s compelling work and practical perspective.

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