Attended gathering of Bay Area Angels


I attended, on March 26, 2008, the inaugural Gathering of Bay Area Angels.  The meeting featured leaders of angel groups describing their groups, two talks by startups currently seeking funding, and rapid mingling for people to meet each other.  Gloria Guenther and the Venture Capital ~ Private Equity Roundtable catalyzed the event.

Leaders described their angel groups’ business-sector foci, investment-candidate screening processes, and means of investment.  Groups (some of which are still being formed) represented (and some of the originally scheduled presenters) include the following.

  • National Space Angels Network (Burton Lee)
  • The Angels Forum and The Halo Fund (Craig Sirnio)
  • Central Coast Investor’s Roundtable (Brad Barbeau)
  • Silicon Valley Angels (John Giddings)
  • European-American Angels Club (Alex Fries)
  • Film Angels (Greg Berkin)
  • Life Science Angels (Michael Finney)
  • Sand Hill Angels (John Cornwell)
  • Indie Film Angels Club-South Bay (Brad Zielinski)
  • Bay Area University Angels Club (Kristy Lagle)

The startups that described their companies were Omnisio (Ryan Junee and 2 colleagues) and Mixwit (Radley Marx).  Both of these presentations were well received.  After the meeting, I enjoyed ideating with Ryan and his colleagues about possible uses of Omnisio’s service, including regarding political campaigns.

Almost amazingly, the ‘formal’ part of the evening ended ahead of schedule.  It was a pleasure thereafter to start to get acquainted with many of the people I had yet to meet.

Leanora Sea and Ian Gall helped regarding the meeting.  DLA Piper provided the meeting room.

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One Response to “Attended gathering of Bay Area Angels”

  1. Pat Elgee Says:

    Am looking to get in touch with Gloria Gunther. I lost her e-mail address.

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