Attended neuroeconomics talk by Caltech’s Antonio Rangel

On March 29, 2008, I attended a talk titled “Neuroeconomics: The Neural Basis of Economic Decision-Marking.”  The speaker was Dr. Antonio Rangel, Associate Professor of Economics, Caltech.  This evening event was hosted by The Associates of the California Institute of Technology.

As a preface to asking a question, I noted that the talk included several times the phrase “how the brain makes decisions” and featured research pinpointing areas of the brain active during decision making and studying influences some factors have on some decisions.  I asked when the speaker thinks people will understand how the brain makes decisions.  Antonio answered that understanding of ‘decision-making algorithms’ may occur within a decade.  After the formal program, I inquired regarding research into whether or how entities beyond the brain take part in decision making.

Some key points in the talk are found in The Price is Wrong, a Caltech posting attributed to Mike Rogers.  The talk, presented between a salad course and the main course, was well received and audience members asked numerous questions – both before the main course and after dessert.

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One Response to “Attended neuroeconomics talk by Caltech’s Antonio Rangel”

  1. daveshields Says:

    I recently attended a CIT alumni event where a professor, whose name I can’t recall as I write this, discussed his research on studying the structure of the brain by doing real-time scans. It was very interesting.


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