UC Santa Cruz announces Leadership and Innovation course


The University of California, Santa Cruz, has posted an announcement that it plans to offer my Leadership and Innovation course via its Knowledge Services and Enterprise Management (KSEM) program.  The course is scheduled for late September through early November, 2008, at UCSC’s Silicon Valley Campus (at Moffett Field).

The KSEM program plans an ‘open house’ at Moffett Field for the evening of September 17, 2008.

I look forward to the prospects for teaching this course (number 20753) and contributing to the success of participants.  It was a privilege to teach a similar course via UCSC last year.  I believe the students demonstrated that they gained from perspective provided (including by themselves), discussion, Direct Outcomes achievement tools, and using the tools as part of homework and a project.

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One Response to “UC Santa Cruz announces Leadership and Innovation course”

  1. daveshields Says:

    Speaking of the Sahana open-source project, a Philippine official noted:

    No Innovation Matters More Than That Which Saves Lives

    I worked with the Sahana team for a bit a few years back. They are doing very important work.


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