Received a copy of “Succeeding through service innovation”


Recently, I received a printed copy of “Succeeding through service innovation – A service perspective for education, research, business and government.”

People interested in the vital topic of ‘service science’ might want to review this report, including its various recommendations (See, for example, the Executive summary and Part 5.) and its recognition of various challenges (See, for example, Appendices V and VIII.)  A fundamental premise of service science – people’s working together to create value for themselves and other entities – seems vital for essentially all individual, societal, business, educational, and other human endeavors.

Jim Spohrer (of IBM) asked me to provide comments on a draft report.  I was enthused to do so (See a previous blog for my comments.) and to provide an endorsement for service science.

Guangjie Ren (of the University of Cambridge) provided me the printed copy of the report.

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One Response to “Received a copy of “Succeeding through service innovation””

  1. daveshields Says:


    I just came across. As soon as I read the first few paragraphs of the report I decided I needed to go over all of it in detail, so I have printed out a copy and put it on my “Must Read” stack.

    Thanks for the tip.


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