Interviewed for TV Andi Jobe of RSF-EARTHSPEAK


On June 19, 2008, I interviewed Andi Jobe, Executive Director, RSF-EARTHSPEAK for two Issues Today television programs.  Her organization catalyzes speech training for people who undergo, in various countries (other than the United States), corrective surgery for cleft palates.  Evidently, currently, many people who benefit physically and cosmetically from such surgeries do not learn to speak adequately.  After years of supporting teams that perform such surgeries and of innovative work, Andi developed Corrective Babbling, speech therapy techniques that parents now use to teach children to begin to speak.


Andi’s work features many instructive, inspirational aspects, such as …

·         Recognizing that a single intervention (e.g., surgery) may not completely adequately address an overall problem.

·         Developing innovative ways for people (e.g., parents) to take charge and effect solutions.

·         Developing grassroots communities sufficient to ‘make a significant difference.’

·         Adapting proven but evolving techniques to the needs of people in various countries, cultures, and circumstances.

·         Taking personal initiative, including to extend the beneficial impact of extant organizations (e.g., universities and governments) and of service supported such organizations.

·         Looking for and implementing synergies among organizations, initiatives, and societies.


I recommend that people learn more about RSF-EARTHSPEAK and consider getting involved.


The first of the two programs is scheduled to be shown in San Jose and Campbell, California (USA), at 7:30 Wednesday evening, June 25, 2008, via the Comcast Community Channel (Channel 15).  Frank Jewett founded Issues today approximately 13 years ago and was the primary producer and host for the first of the two programs recorded on June 19.  Emerson Dong (of Comcast) was the director.  Leonora Sea and Gloria Guenther played roles in connecting Andi Jobe with Frank and me.

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