Interviewed for TV participants in Monta Vista High School DECA



On November 6, 2008, Frank Jewett and I interviewed for an Issues Today TV show 6 people key to an innovative program catalyzed by Monta Vista High School (Cupertino, California, USA) marketing teacher Carl Schmidt.

DECA is an extracurricular business-and-marketing oriented program for high-school and college students in various countries.  Carl Schmidt is pioneering the concept of extending the high-school program to include internships, in businesses, for students.

Guests for this TV show were Carl Schmidt, Jean-Marc Patenaude, Ashley Chen, Jade Lipscomb, Kay Poon, and Derek Wong.  Jean-Marc is President/CEO of FireEar.  Ashley Chen, Jade Lipscombe, Kay Poon, and Derek Wong are Monta Vista DECA members who interned with FireEar recently.

Carl described DECA and the internship program.  Jean-Marc described FireEar.  Everyone talked about the students’ experiences.  The students were especially enthused about what they learned and the value such may have for them going forward.

I would like to applaud Carl Schmidt for creating this internship program and for his determination to offer the concept for use in many other schools that have DECA programs (as well as his work to encourage schools that do not have DECA programs to form DECA programs).  He provided apt questions so that Frank and I could help these Issues Today guests tell their story.  He says he anticipates using elements of the show to introduce and market the internship concept to many relevant people, including at a forthcoming meeting in Southern California.

I appreciate what such innovation and grassroots initiative can accomplish, in part because I was a beneficiary of the Palos Verdes Peninsula Science Club (which my father Joel Buckholtz catalyzed when I was in the seventh grade) and in part because of other endeavors (such as the early 1990s United States nationwide grassroots movement to improve governmental service to the public, which was conceived of by the General Services Administration’s Frank McDonough and for which I [as a GSA Commissioner] served as a federal-government champion and spokesperson for the movement’s first 3 years).

I would like to thank Gloria Guenther and the VC ~ Private Equity Roundtable (indirect reference) for taking key steps toward making possible this Issues Today show.  She was in the control room during production of the show and reported that the show worked out well.

The show was produced in conjunction with the City of San Jose’s (California) CreaTV and is scheduled to be presented on San Jose cable channel 15 on Wednesday, November 19, at 7:30 P.M.

For more information about Monta Vista DECA, see Monta Vista DECA .

Click for information about Thomas J. Buckholtz.



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