Spoke regarding Secrets of Successful Startups

On June 24, 2009, I provided a talk entitled “Seldom-Stated Secrets of Successful Startups” for the inaugural meeting of The Business & Technology Forum – Mastering the Business of Entrepreneurship.  Forum sponsors include WBT Television, the VC ~ Private Equity Roundtable, and PATCA (Professional and Technical Consultants Association).  My talk featured applications of the Direct Outcomes thinking tool Achieve Progress to marketing, working with potential and actual customers, gaining help from constituencies, developing service-lines and product-lines (not just products) and development tools, and staffing.

Along with presenting hopefully useful advice via my talk, I enjoyed listening to and serving on a panel with Naeem Zafar (Concordia Ventures) and Barbara Lang (LiveGlass International).  For example, Naeem discussed the value of a startup’s having an advisory board and noted 5 key types of or foci for advisors – marketplace, technology, mentor/coach, connector, and celebrity.  Barbara, whose company has been featured on the TV show Issues Today (which I co-host), provided an insightful and enthusiastic look at her startup and possible future innovation regarding the use of glass in buildings.

I would like to acknowledge Farrukh Shah Khan (of WBT) for inviting me and the other people who helped put on this forum event.

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