Interviewed for TV members of the Virtual Worlds vSIG

On August 13, 2009, Frank Jewett and I interviewed, for two half-hour Issues Today TV shows, four members of the Virtual Worlds vSIG, an organization affiliated with the Venture Capital ~ Private Equity Rountable.  The interviewees were Stewart Guenther (co-leader of the vSIG and of the Roundtable), Jeffrey Pope (co-leader of the vSIG), Michael Gialis (Sun Microsystems), and Victoria Coleman (Samsung Electronics).

The wide-ranging discussion touched on topics such as definitions of ‘virtual worlds’ and ‘mirror worlds,’ major areas served by virtual-world technologies (such as education and various aspects of business), economic impact, venture investment, possibilities for using cellular phones to access virtual-world services, and the extent to which people are studying how behavior in virtual worlds may be influencing behavior in ‘the real world.’

The programs are scheduled to be shown worldwide at 8:30 PM (Pacific Daylight Time) on Tuesday August 25 and Tuesday September 1, respectively, via CreaTV San Jose and in San Jose and Campbell (two cities in Silicon Valley, California) via cable channel 15.  I would like to thank Gloria Guenther and the guests, without whom these shows would not have been possible.  I enjoyed learning from ‘everyone,’ both at a lunch before the shows were recorded and during the recording of the shows.

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