Mathematical Physics

The following paper summarizes recent research.

A basis for uniting much physics (link)


  • This paper provides a possible basis for uniting much physics.
  • The basis features solutions to equations featuring isotropic pairs of isotropic quantum harmonic oscillators.
  • First, we show solutions that match the known elementary particles. Other solutions might correlate with other elementary particles.
  • Second, we extend solutions to encompass known symmetries. We correlate extended solutions with kinematics. We show possible particles and explanations correlating with dark matter, dark energy, and other phenomena.
  • Third, we note that the basis unites, extends, and limits aspects of traditional physics. Those aspects include special relativity, general relativity, quantum mechanics, the elementary-particle Standard Model, and the cosmology timeline.

The following publications provide more details. (link)

  • Concepts Uniting Some Physics: Toward One Theory for Elementary Particles, Objects, and the Cosmos – A book. (link)
  • Models for Physics of the Very Small and Very Large – A book published by Atlantis Press and Springer. (link)

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