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Published “Concepts Uniting Some Physics: Toward One Theory for Elementary Particles, Objects, and the Cosmos”

April 26, 2017

I published the book Concepts Uniting Some Physics: Toward One Theory for Elementary Particles, Objects, and the Cosmos. The abstract is …

We address three physics opportunities. First, predict new elementary particles. Second, explain phenomena such as dark matter and dark energy. Third, unite physics theories and models.

We use models based on solutions to equations featuring isotropic pairs of isotropic quantum harmonic oscillators.

First, we show solutions that match the known elementary particles. Other solutions might correlate with other elementary particles.

Second, we extend solutions to encompass known symmetries. We correlate extended solutions with kinematics. We show possible particles and explanations correlating with dark matter, dark energy, and other phenomena.

Third, we note that the work unites, extends, and limits aspects of traditional physics. Those aspects include special relativity, general relativity, quantum mechanics, the elementary-particle Standard Model, and the cosmology timeline.

I invite you to read, enjoy, learn, and extend work “Concepts Uniting Some Physics” discusses.

I provide more information at link.


Are we part of other beings’ dark energy?

March 14, 2013

You may want to view a 9-minute video summary of some of my attempted research in physics.

Much of the video summary parallels material I plan to present, on April 14, 2013, at an American Physical Society conference in Denver, Colorado, USA.  The title of the talk is “Dark Matter Bosons and Fermions.

The research suggests the possibility that other beings in our universe might, in effect, consider that people (you and I) are part of the stuff those beings consider to be dark energy.  (The stuff those beings would be made of is part of what we consider to be dark energy.)

The video summary and the planned talk address the following.

  • Explain gravitation;
  • Explain dark matter;
  • Explain dark energy;
  • Explain changes in the rate of expansion of the universe;
  • Compute the mass of neutrinos;
  • Compute the mass of Higgs bosons.

I do not plan to present, as part of the talk, some of the summary’s material about my book Physics Small and Vast: Complementing the Standard Model.

Talked regarding book “Physics 642b: Patterns, Forces, Particles, and Stuff”

July 14, 2012

On July 13, 2012, I provided a brief presentation (for the Venture Capital ~ Private Equity Roundtable) regarding my book Physics 642b: Patterns, Forces, Particles, and Stuff.

Several Roundtable members talked about the book with me during the next break in the program or after the end of the formal meeting.

I would like to thank Gloria Guenther for inviting me to make this presentation.

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