Worked regarding innovation with PetroChina leaders

During November 13-15, 2007, I worked with leaders of PetroChina Daqing Oilfield Company. The 8 leaders are studying innovation during a 5-week visit to Silicon Valley.

During the 3 days, we worked on various aspects of innovation. We discussed applications of Direct Outcomes achievement tools. People showed particular interest regarding Achieve Progress and Achieve Style.

  • Apparently, people took interest in using Achieve Progress to find innovation opportunities and to accomplish innovation.

  • We discussed benefits and risks of doing work via various Achieve Style behaviors.

I am glad to see such interest in applications of Direct Outcomes and in the tools themselves. Also, I believe I learned about communicating regarding Direct Outcomes.

I would like to thank the following people and organizations for making this possible.

  • PetroChina and the 8 leaders. [1]

  • Dr. Felicia Deng (Chairman and CEO, China American Management Consulting Company) – who helped arrange for the visit. [2]

  • Dr. Mark Novak (Associate Vice President / Dean, International and Extended Studies, San Jose State University), Peter Sterlacci (Director, International Outreach & Leadership Programs, San Jose State University) and Elaine Liang – who invited me to speak and supported my participation. [3]

  • Marilyn Luong and Michael Yu Zhu – who interpreted.




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