Thomas J. Buckholtz helps people innovate.

Tom has made crucial contributions to innovations in business, government, and technology and for society and the environment. He strives to foster further success globally and locally.

Dr. Buckholtz anticipates people’s making significant, widespread gains in effectiveness by using Direct Outcomes checklists. These straightforward tools impart the essence of win-win innovation successes. People can easily learn, benefit from, and propagate the tools (for example, via the book Create Crucial Insight).


Consider contacting Tom when …

Your organization needs to develop or enhance an innovation program.

Your enterprise needs to improve services, products, marketing, leadership or communication, strategy, teamwork, learning, program or project management, or customer or supplier relationships.

You need to turn a problem into an opportunity.  (See, for example, the video From Outrage to Outcomes: “Let’s produce pivotal progress!”)

You need perspective and techniques for building coalitions or fostering grassroots endeavors.

You can benefit from tools, workshops, or presentations so that your colleagues and you do “the above” on your own.


You can contact Tom Buckholtz via …

Telephone: 1 650.854.7552

E-mail: Thomas.J.Buckholtz@gmail.com

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