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Dr. Thomas J. Buckholtz authored books including the following.

He is an author or quoted interviewee for more than 100 publications and published interviews, including publications regarding technology and science.

  • For a list, please see the Publications and Published Interviews section of the Resume (detailed) for which the CV / Bio / Resume page provides a link.

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  • “How to” articles based on Direct Outcomes:
  • Other material:

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  1. Suggest specific roles for “the evolving CIO” « Thomas J. Buckholtz Says:

    […] “The Role of the CIO” [4] provides 6 categories of enterprise needs, from “Enterprise Outcomes” to “Enterprise Infrastructure” and, within the categories, notes 24 specific potential enterprise needs that CIOs can address. CIOs who provide valued close-to-Outcomes services can earn prominence. […]

  2. Interviewed, for TV, Santa Clara University Solar Decathlon Team Members « Thomas J. Buckholtz Says:

    […] [3] To obtain an electronic copy (at no cost), see […]

  3. Notice improvement in value added by CIOs « Thomas J. Buckholtz Says:

    […] [3]  […]

  4. For What is a CIO Needed? « Thomas J. Buckholtz Says:

    […] [3] The Role of the CIO  […]

  5. Attended TiE event featuring Aneesh Chopra « Thomas J. Buckholtz Says:

    […] Talk briefly with each of Mr. Anderson and Mr. Wozniak and offer to send each some thoughts about making better matches between learners and sources of learning. (See “Guide Your Learning Initiatives,” via this link.) […]

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